Belmont’s reputation for supplying an effective and aesthetically pleasing range of air conditioning / ventilation grilles continues to impress and are fast becoming the architects first choice when considering the options available.

The unique triangular shape of Belmont’s innovative profile wires offer a smooth and controlled aerodynamic air flow with minimal disruption to allow extremely efficient control and negligible loss.

The product also offers a greater open area than perforated plates or alternative products and yet retains a more bespoke and attractive appearance in vogue with current trends.

The method of manufacture, which achieves an exceptional weld penetration ensures a much stronger product than alternatives. The grille will always retain its integrity and flatness due to the manufacturing technique and will withstand side load impact due to a greater magnitude.

This ability to retain its integrity under load, ensures a much enhanced lifespan can be achieved with very little maintenance necessary.

An after care and maintenance document will be provided as part of our Quality Procedures, with all our products manufactured with our accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000.

ISO 9001 Registered

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